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University Junk Removal - Kitchener/Waterloo

Why choose universitybrand junk in Kitchener/Waterloo?

Our Latin tag line is integritas et industria - integrity and industry.

In its original usage, integrity means completeness.

At universitybrand we provide the complete package to our employees and customers.

For our core student workforce, universitybrand provides a much-needed

employment opportunity, coupled with specialized training and leadership skills

acquired in real-world business environments. We also sponsor academic scholarships.

For our residential and commercial customers, universitybrand offers the complete

package through our reliable, on time, easy-to-work-with, one-stop service for all your

junk removal needs in Kitchener Waterloo and surrounding area.

At universitybrand

from the clean-up to the move … we’ve got you covered.


• MasterCard/Visa, Cash or Cheque

• Recycling a priority

• Competitive pricing

• Friendly and on time

• We utilize charity and donation centres like Goodwill and Value Village

• Same day pick up, including Saturdays

• Fully insured and registered

• Uniformed, polite, energetic junk removers

• Residential and Commerical junk removal

What we remove from our residential & commercial clients

• Renovation debris, including scrap wood and construction materials, shingles

• Yard rubbish, bagged or not bagged, sod disposal, dirt removal

• Large and small appliances (fridge, freezer, stove, dishwasher, microwave)

• Furniture removal

• Electonic waste (E-waste), satellite dishes, television and computer removal

• Hot tub removal

• Piano removal

• Deck removal

• Demolishing and removal of sheds, decks, interlocking brick, sidewalks and fences

• Removal of concrete, gravel, brick, plaster, drywall, and asphalt

• Scrap metal and tire removal and recycling, furnaces and hot water heaters

• Lawnmower removal, snow blowers, motorcycles, small engines

• If what you have is not on this list, please give us a call



Junk Removal Kitchener Waterloo

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Junk Removal Waterloo


Junk Removal Kitchener Waterloo

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Junk Removal Waterloo

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Junk Removal Waterloo

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